essential oils and alcohol

This kitchen appliance allows its user to capture scents and tastes
to share the emotions attached to them with others.

Take the blossom of an apple tree.

Its smell is sweet and unique,
what does it take to capture the feeling of spring and preserve it all year round?

My starting point was contemplating the question of what a person needs
when every possible need has already been fulfilled.

I concluded that it is taking a step back, enjoying the fulfilling labor of working in a garden,
and enjoying the fruits of this honest work with others.

Sharing these memories with loved ones is the goal of my product.

Made out of bent copper tubing, lathed Aluminium, laser-cut acrylic
mirrors, hand-bent acrylic cylinders, sawn linen fabric and electronics,
consisting of a heating system to vaporize liquids,
which is controlled by a customizable thermostat for heat control.

Once the liquid enters a vapor state and rises from the heating cylinder
into the copper tube it needs to be cooled down to liquify again.
This happens in the copper coil, spiraling down in the left cylinder,
which is filled with water for cooling.

This cylinder is being refilled through an entry at its bottom,
connected to a valve and freshwater to ensure a constant cooling temperature.
The warmed up water flows over the edge of the cylinder, is being
collected and leaves the distillery through a tube.

At the bottom of the spiral, the copper tube exits the cooling cylinder,
ending in a collection glass which can be removed once it has been filled with distillate,
which can be enjoyed after.