Dry | Store | Use

This furniture concept takes the intermediate form of sawn wood during
the drying process as a functional sitting object.
Bark beetle calamities have caused massive clear cuts in forests of Central Europe in the last years,
overwhelming foresters and reducing profits which led to late and poor processing
of the deadwood resulting in lower quality wood products.

Spruce is a fast-growing wood, able to collect and store large quantities of co2 in a short amount of time.
For the time of use, wood substitutes for materials that would emit co2 in their sourcing and production.
When treated right, wood can go through multiple product lifecycles.
This transformation process is subtractive, a cut cannot be undone.
Therefore it is called a cascade use.

The sitting object was designed for disassembly and re-use, without glue nor permanent connections.
Functional, yet adapted for the wood‘s next transformation and use.
At the end of the cascade use, wooden products can be thermally recycled,
releasing the stored carbon back into the atmosphere.

Opening up new spaces and adding time for the fresh wood to dry into a high-quality product without additional energy,
not only stores the contained carbon for the extra time of usage, but it also adds a step to the woods lifecycle.